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Grabono Collect and Win!

Grabono is a loyalty program which you can collect points and win awards by scanning a QR code. As a part of this small start-up, I was in charge of creating a design system for this white label product.

See The Real Thing
Side Project
My Role
Product Design
Product Owner
Semih Hakkioglu
Mobile App

Most Grabono merchants prefer their unique app then a being a part of a loyalty program. We want to create a single solution that fits all merchants' needs and brand identity. So I designed a bunch of different components and color schemes that could use for merchants' needs. Also, that made it possible to give a brand-new look to each app.

Dark side or
light side

Two different themes introduce a new look for merchants’ app. It’s thoughtfully designed to fit every merchants’ brand identity. And it’s also simple to switch dark to light on the app by the user.